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JERK is a 4 letter word starting with J and ending with K

Definitions & Synonyms

noun - a dull stupid fatuous person
Synonyms: dork
verb - throw or toss with a quick motion
Synonyms: flick
noun - a sudden abrupt pull
Synonyms: tug
verb - pull, or move with a sudden movement
Synonyms: yank
noun - meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun
Synonyms: jerked meat jerky
noun - an abrupt spasmodic movement
verb - make an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion
Synonyms: twitch
verb - jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched
verb - move with abrupt, seemingly uncontrolled motions
Synonyms: twitch
noun - (mechanics) the rate of change of acceleration

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