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Does an anagram challenge or word scramble game have you stumped?

Our Anagram Solver is a convenient word unscrambler for whenever and wherever you need anagram help. The anagram generator finds different letter combinations that form words and categorizes the results by word length.

So, go ahead, be resourceful! Use our Anagram Solver free tool today to become more competitive than ever when playing Scrabble, Words With Friends, or your favorite letter scramble game.

How to use

Type in your letters
Type the letters you want to unscramble into the Anagram Solver search bar.

Search for usable words
Press the search button to view possible anagram words.

Sort the results
Filter or group the results by word length or number of letters.

What is
an anagram?

An anagram is a word, phrase or name that you can form by rearranging the letters of another word, phrase or letter scramble. Nearly every word game including Scrabble and Words With Friends may include anagram word finder challenges that require you to unscramble anagrams to form words or phrases.

Variations of Anagrams

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards as it does forwards. For example, madam is a palindrome.

A blanagram is a word that comes from combining any letter with an anagram scramble to form a word. In a game of Scrabble, for example, a blanagram is created by adding a blank tile where needed to unscramble letters to form an anagram word.

Unscramble Words With Anagram Solver

Discover hidden words with Anagram Solver. The free online word unscrambler pulls from an intelligent, cloud-based anagram server that rearranges letters into winning combinations.

The robust anagram machine can double as a multiple word anagram solver or single-word anagram name generator. Experience the power of this handy word scramble maker today. Just enter the letters you want to unscramble into the search bar above.

Anagrams in Scrabble

Scrabble is essentially one big word search and anagrams game. So, after our dedicated Scrabble Word Finder, this Anagram Solver is the next best internet anagram server for English language Scrabble games.

If you’re struggling to determine words you can put on your Scrabble board, our user-friendly anagram maker helps you score the most points so you can remain competitive in your game.

Simply enter your letters into the Anagram Solver online search bar to discover the winning combination of anagram words or phrases for your Scrabble game.

Anagrams in Words with friends

This anagram word solver is your best friend when playing a game of Words With Friends. Anagram Solver instantly unscrambles words on your rack to help you identify new words, phrases and titles you can use in a multi-player anagrams game.

In addition to this anagram unscrambler, we also have word lists and a Words With Friends helper you can reference when it’s your turn to shine. With our “anagrams cheat” tools, it’s now easier than ever to win Words With Friends.

How Anagram Games Work


There are TONS of variants of the Anagrams Game. There are also many different anagram rules, letter distributions, and ways to score points.

The most common word finder anagram challenge has 188 Tiles and the same point system and rules as Scrabble. The official dictionaries permissible in standard anagram games are also similar to those in standard Scrabble games.

But how closely or loosely you follow anagram rules and “tricks of the trade” will depend on how “official” you and your opponents want to be when solving anagrams. For example, will you allow blank tiles and wildcards to be used? The choice is yours.

How to form words

Combining Letters
You can create words by combining single letter tiles into one word or a multiple word phrase.

Add letters to words from other players to “steal” their points. Any new word you create must be substantially different from the original.

Combining words
Create phrases, sayings, or longer words by adding to other players’ words. Simply use our anagram decoder to unscramble letters and combine them with previously played words. But remember, the new word or phrase has to be substantially different from the original.

How to count your score

Simple Letter Count
The player with the most tiles on the board wins. This is the most basic way to score a word scrambler game.

Simple Word Count
The player who forms the most words wins. This is another straightforward way to score an anagram game or word search.

Rewarding long words
Remove one or two points from every tile that forms a word. So, in essence, players who create longer words will be rewarded.

X Word Wind
The first player to unscramble or steal a predefined number of words wins. This preset number (X) should be determined and agreed to by all players before the game begins.