Scrabble Word Finder: Make Words With Letters in Your Game

Scrabble Word Finder

This fast and easy Scrabble word finder will find words up to 20 characters, to help you win the game. The online Scrabble Cheat finds all winning words. Start with entering the Words or Letters on your Scrabble board, and our word finder will quickly unscramble to find the longest words and the highest scores. No matter whether you are looking for a rare short word or an extra long term, our word finder is the perfect tool to help you win the match. This word finder for Scrabble uses a large dictionary of all words and winning combinations. The Scrabble Word Finder shows you all possible combinations that can be created from the letters on your rack, or words that you can save for later. Here, you find some little external help when you are caught in a labyrinth of letters. Moreover, you will find all information about Scrabble rules, variants and tournaments, if you are completely new to the world of Scrabble.

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Type in your Letters
Type in the Letters you have in your Rack or you want to use.

Search for usable words
Press the search Button and see all possible words playable with your letters.

Blank tiles, words on board or Wildcards?
Use the advanced search to get possibilities with wildcards, define words that are on the board or define how the results should start or end.

How to
play standard?

How to play standard Scrabble?
Scrabble boards, tiles, and variants

Boards, Tiles
and Variants

The official Scrabble board has 15 x 15 fields, 60 Bonus fields and 100 Letter Tiles.

There are variants like Super Scrabble with 21 x 21 fields and 200 Letter Tiles.

Besides many variants you can play with the Scrabble equipment, there are also digital variants like Words with friends and variants with Numbers that are roughly based on Scrabble.

Scrabble words

Choose your

Before the game begins, all players should agree upon the dictionary that they will use.

For speakers of American and Canadian English the OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) is the right choice. Or pick the NASPA Word List for Tournaments.

Official British Words can be found in the Collins Scrabble Words Dictionary.

7 starting Scrabble tiles

Every player starts with 7 Tiles

Every player gets 7 tiles in the rack to form words on the board. First player has to start with a word containing at least 2 letters.

make words with letters

Form words

Form words with letters out of your rack, exchange letters on your rack or form words with letters on the board.

Special tiles and fields

There are two special tiles (blank ones that can be used as wildcards) and 60 special fields in the standard Scrabble game. The Bonus fields can double, triple or quadruple (Super Scrabble) the value of your words or letters.

Double letter score 2 Times
Letter Score
Triple letter score3 Times
Letter Score
Double word score2 Times
Word Score
Triple word score3 Times
Word Score
2 Times Word Score2 Times
Word Score

Scoring & Distribution

You can score by forming words with the letters in your rack and those already on the board.

0 PT
1 PT
2 PT
3 PT
4 PT
5 PT
8 PT
10 PT

Check out a list featuring the highest-scoring words for each word length.

Crossings in Scrabble


You can create words by crossing fitting characters of Words on the board.

Hooks in Scrabble


Add single Letters to form new words or pluralize them.

Parallel words


Parallel played words have the most value potential. Every word formed will be counted.

& Club

Tournament and club games in Scrabble

There are many Scrabble Tournaments and Clubs worldwide. Notable and regularly held tournaments are the World Scrabble Championship, the North American Scrabble Championship, the National Scrabble Championship of the United Kingdom, the Brand‘s Crossword Game King‘s Cup and the UK Open.

All tournament games involve only two players and are played with a game clock and a set time control on the standard Scrabble board.

Every player has 25 minutes for all of his turns. Every started minute above this time limit results in a 10 points penalty.

In Tournaments there are special molded plastic tiles to prevent players from reading the tiles when drawing.

Tournament word Lists are the NASPA Word List (USA, Canada, Thailand) and the Collins Scrabble Words (UK, most of the World).

Players are allowed to use tracking sheets. These are pre printed sheets with the letters from the initial pool and can be helpful when no tile remains to be drawn.