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HARD is a 4 letter word starting with H and ending with D

Definitions & Synonymes

adjective - (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source
adjective - unfortunate or hard to bear
Synonmys: tough
adverb - with firmness
Synonmys: firmly
adjective - produced without vibration of the vocal cords
adverb - slowly and with difficulty
Synonmys: hardly
adjective - very strong or vigorous
adjective - given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors
adverb - indulging excessively
adjective - not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure
Synonmys: difficult
adjective - being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content
Synonmys: strong

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