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FLOW is a 4 letter word starting with F and ending with W

Definitions & Synonymes

noun - something that resembles a flowing stream in moving continuously
Synonmys: stream
verb - fall or flow in a certain way
Synonmys: fall hang
noun - the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause
verb - move or progress freely as if in a stream
Synonmys: flux
noun - the amount of fluid that flows in a given time
noun - dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas
noun - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
Synonmys: flowing
verb - undergo menstruation
Synonmys: menstruate
noun - the act of flowing or streaming; continuous progression
Synonmys: stream
verb - move along, of liquids

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