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Check if a Word is Valid in Scrabble Dictionary

Our online Scrabble Dictionary resource is a quick, easy - to - use Scrabble Word Checker. It contains every word in the current Official Scrabble Dictionary (OSPD6) published by Merriam - Webster, as well as words in the following Scrabble lexicons: NASPA Word List (NWL or NWL2018), the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL2018 or TWL06), Collins Scrabble Words 2015 (CSW2015), the North American (Scrabble™) Word List (NAWLv3), and the Word Judge for Clubs and Tournaments (WJ2-2016v3)

If you’ re wondering whether you can use a certain word or abbreviation in your game,this Scrabble Word Check platform is the most comprehensive Scrabble Dictionary online.

How to Check Scrabble Word Dictionary

Simply enter the word in the search bar see if it’s valid in one click.

If the word is included in the updated Scrabble official dictionary, then the word will be identified as valid for use. Otherwise, your Scrabble Dictionary search will identify the word as “not valid” in the latest edition of the dictionary Scrabble approves for speakers of American and Canadian English.

If you want to avoid arguments and debates in your board game, or if you’re asking yourself “is que a Scrabble word” or “is er a Scrabble word” for example, save yourself the time and headache. Use this Scrabble Word Checker to instantly see if it’s permitted in the latest Scrabble word dictionary.

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