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Why Use Words With Friends Dictionary Verification

The official Words With Friends dictionary includes words, references, and abbreviations from formal English language as well as certain additions from contemporary digital slang and pop culture.

This not only includes everyday online talk like bae, swole, yas, werk, turnt, and bestie, but also certain abbreviations like BFF, FOMO, and TFW.

So, naturally, you may think of a term from time to time that’s used casually but aren’t certain if it’s valid in the official Words With Friends dictionary. Even veteran players are occasionally unsure of whether a word is a real word in Words With Friends lexicon.

Our Words With Friends Dictionary Verification addresses this uncertainty by allowing you to instantly check if a word is valid before attempting to play it.

How to Check Words in Words With Friends

So you want to check a word to see if it’s included in the official Words With Friends dictionary? All you have to do is type the word you want to validate in the Words With Friends word check bar above.

You’ll be able to see whether the word is VALID or NOT VALID in real-time as you type. You don’t even have to press search. Plus, there’s no limit to the length of words you can check with this Words With Friends word checker.

But what happens if a word is invalid? What if you check Words With Friends word only to find out that it’s not in the WWF dictionary? Not to worry!

You can use our Words With Friends Cheat tool (which is also provided at the top of this page) to find valid words, acronyms, and abbreviations you can “legally” play. It even allows you to include up to two wildcards for blank tiles AND shows you definitions for every search query.

What is the ENABLE Word List?

Zynga’s Words With Friends dictionary consists of words from the Enhanced North American Benchmark (ENABLE) lexicon.

The ENABLE word list is similar to Scrabble Dictionary lexicons, but it includes a whole lot more “social” words and abbreviations commonly used in everyday digital communications. This makes the ENABLE lexicon a bit more relaxed and free than other word lists.

But the Words With Friends word list is also more inconsistent than its classic Scrabble counterparts. For example, as mentioned earlier, you can play BFF, FOMO, and TFW according to the official ENABLE dictionary for WWF, but not certain acronyms like LOL and OMG.

Benefits of this Words With Friends Dictionary Checker

This Words With Friends Words Check allows you to validate any word before you attempt to play it. By taking the guesswork out of the equation, you can avoid losing points and potentially getting into a dispute with your opponents.

And as we know, WWF is a brain-stimulating word board game. So you may find yourself digging into the depths of your mind and thinking of random words to play like dongle.

But while you’re free to play dongle, you cannot play the plural dongles according to the current Words With Friends Dictionary ENABLE. You can also play vape, for example, but not vapes, vaped, or vaping based on a quick ENABLE word check. And you can play bae but NOT baes, bestie but NOT besties, and swole but NOT swoler or swolest.

This is where the advantages of our Words With Friends Dictionary Verification come into play. It’s available anytime, anywhere to let you instantly check Words With Friends words.

Get started by typing a word into the Words With Friends Dictionary Verification below.

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Or...if you need help figuring out words you can play with the tiles available to you, check out our Words With Friends Cheat for an all-in-one solution to succeed in the game.

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